03/08/2017 - A Good Year PAFOS2017
  Cinema screenings will take place in various small communities of Pafos, reviving an old tradition of touring cinemas, creating thus a network of open air cinemas!
  31/05/2017 - SAVE WATER
  We will experience serious water problems due to lack of rain during the winter months.
  28/04/2017 - NEW WATER RATES
  New water rates as from 01/07/2017 which including recovery and environmental costs.
  29/03/2017 - Green spots in Paphos
  We would like to inform you that you can now visit any of the Green Spots located in Paphos area in order to through your household waste. There are 4 Green Spots all over Paphos of which you can choose the one that is more convenienti.e at Agia Varvara Industrial area and before Koloni Village where you can take all kind of recycle item free of charge.