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Avenue Apostolou Louka 16,
8500 Kouklia, Pafos
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The Museum is housed in the eastern annex of the medieval mansion of the Lusignan, which is located within the archaeological site of Kouklia.  

The findings are displayed in two mansion halls. These halls present items which were found during the excavations of the Sanctuary of Aphrodite and the surrounding area, as well as in the abandoned cities of the wider region.    

Displayed in the first hall, on the floor of which there is a Roman mosaic, are mobile findings from the Sanctuary of Aphrodite. 

In this hall there is a conical stone which constituted the abstract presence of the honoured goddess. Moreover, there are other findings taken from the Sanctuary which are displayed here and which are dated back to the Late Copper Age and up until the roman times.     

Also noteworthy is the clay bathtub which is dated back to the Late Copper Age.
The showcases of the second hall include findings originating from the rich and abandoned cities of the area.

These findings, which are dated back to the second millennium B.C. until the roman times, include stony tools, metal objects, samples of ceramics, jewellery, clay figurines, inscriptions and sculptures.

Moreover, in this hall there are architectural parts such as Ionian and Corinthian column capitals which are located in the centre of the hall.    

The last section of the same hall is dedicated to the Byzantine and medieval findings of the site.

Displayed here are bottled jugs, either of local production or imported ones, as well as handy jugs, which were used for the production of sugar and originated from the nearby location ‘Stavroi’.

On display at the back of the hall are two Venetian canons.

Republic of Cyprus Department of Antiquities

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